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Toot - Part 4 · 11 April 04

A Simple TextPattern Tutorial
Part 4 – Look at the Content

1. Now click on the tab view site at the top right of the screen.

2. You website will open. If you did the template changes in the previous parts, you should see:

a. At the top, in the center, the words Using Default Page Template.

b. On the left, a list of the articles.

c. In the middle, the articles you just wrote, starting with the most recently written article Test Article 3, followed by Test Article 2, followed by Test Article 1.

3. Now the $64 dollar question: “What the #%*# (blazes) am I looking at?”
—This is the home page (a/k/a the frontpage). —It uses the default page template.

4. Click on any one of the article titles on the left (or click on the title of the article in the middle section). You will now see:

a. At the top, in the center, the words Using Archive Page Template,

b. At the left, the word “Home”,

c. In the middle, just the one article you clicked on.

Now what am I looking at?
—This content is using the “article” section. The “article” section was picked for you by default.

—The “article” section is using the archive page template. (more on this later).

Got it? Go on to Tutorial – Part 5.

* * *