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Toot - Part 8 · 11 April 04

A simple TextPattern Tutorial
Part 8 – What about the front page?

If you have been wondering about the settings for the “front page” and why you can’t change it, here is the reason:

There is a file called publish.php, which is hard-coded to look for a hidden section called default for the frontpage. In the mysql database, the sections table has a record which assigns the default page template and the default stylesheet to the default section. As a result, the frontpage always uses this default/default combination.

You can’t edit or delete this record through presentation/sections. There really isn’t much need to do so. If you don’t like the default appearance, you can edit the default page template and the default stylesheet.

You have now reached the end of my tutorial. Thanks for reading it. I hope it has been helpful to you.

-doug edmunds

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