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Toot - Part 6 · 9 June 04

A simple TextPattern Tutorial
Part 6 – Where the pieces finally start to come together.

In Part 4, you did some writing, creating three articles, “Test Article 1”, “Test Article 2”, and “Test Article 3”.

Now we are going to use the teststyle stylesheet that you created in Part 5. We are going to integrate it by applying it to a Section.

PLEASE READ THIS NOTE: Sections relate to formatting. Sections have absolutely nothing to do with content! Do not confuse Sections with Categories.

1. Click on the presentation tab, and then click on the sections tab in the secondary level.

2. You will see two main Sections here: about and article.

3. We are going to make a couple of changes to the about section. In the about section, 1- change the “use page” entry to “archive” and 2- change the “use style” entry to “teststyle”.

4. Click “save” just below the about group.

Now you are going to go back to our content/write titles and use the changes you have just made.

5. Click on the “content/write” tabs.

6. At the bottom of the screen, select “Test Article 2” from the list.

7. After it loads up, look on the the right side for the word “Section”. Underneath it is a drop-down box, which probably shows the word “article” in it. Click that box, and select “about” instead of “article”. Then click the “Save” button.

8. Now click on the view site tab at the top right of the screen again. Clicking on Test Article . You will see that Test Article 2 no longer uses the “article” section settings, but instead is using the “about” section settings. NOTE: you may have to click the browser’s refresh button to clear the cache and make the changes show up.

What happened?

The “about” section settings that you selected for Test Article 2, a-use the archive page template and b- use the teststyle stylesheet.

Well done! On to Tutorial – Part 7!

* * *