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Toot - Part 5 · 11 April 04

A Simple TextPattern Tutorial
Part 5 – Create a new stylesheet.

You have completed a very basic run at understanding TextPattern, namely, the effect of a Page Template. Now we are going to add to your understanding by creating a stylesheet.

Our new stylesheet will be based on the default stylesheet. The only change we are going to make is to the background color.

1. Click on the presentation tab then on the style tab.
In the left column, make sure it says “You are editing CSS default

2. Click just below that where it says “Edit in CSS editor”

3. After the screen changes, find in the box on the left where it says “Copy stylesheet as”. Type in “teststyle”. Click the “Copy” button. Your new stylesheet will appear in the list on the right.

4. Select “teststyle” style from the list on the right, by clicking on it.

5. Make sure the screen on the upper left now says “You are editing CSS teststyle”.

6. In the grey box, find the body section. It is the first section and looks like this:
background-color: #fff;

Change the background-color line so body looks like this:

background-color: #ddeedd;

7. Click the Save button at the bottom of the screen to save your changes to the teststyle stylesheet.

Done? Great! Now on to Tutorial – Part 6.

* * *